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Ever dreamed of riding through the open roads with the motorbike you’ve always wanted? With the right motorbike loan, you can turn that dream into reality.
Our team have the skills and experience to match you with the right finance so you can enjoy your bike without the headaches of an unmanageable loan. our team of experienced loan specialists can help you choose the right motorbike loans across the country. We have partnerships with some of the biggest banks and financial institutions in the country. Giving our clients more options for finding the right motorbike loans. 
 Our team will help you find, apply for, and secure the motorbike loan that makes the most sense for your needs and budget. Scooters, cruisers, sports bikes, dirt bikes – it doesn’t matter. Whatever type of motorbike you need finance for, we can help you get it. Contact us on 07 3547 4972 today to get a quote for motorcycle loans.


Locking down the right kind of motorbike finance requires skill, dedication and a fair bit of research and time. Choosing to partner with Unified Loans for your motorbike loan means our team can take care of all the details for you, leaving you free to focus on the fun part – shopping around for your new bike!
Our team will secure a great rate and excellent terms to suit your lifestyle and budget. We can achieve this by asking a lot of questions to understand your financial goals and objectives. 

It’s very important that you consider all your options carefully and think about how much debt you’re comfortable getting into. We can help you choose a figure that is realistic and that suits both your current and future means of repayment. 

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Are you yearning to explore the great outdoors in your very own caravan, camper, or camper trailer? One of the biggest draws of having a caravan or a camper is the freedom to explore and set up camp wherever you want, without fussing with a tent. We want you to experience the same ease when it comes to your caravan loans, ensuring it will be a benefit to you and not a burden.
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You can wade through all the loan calculators on the Internet and compare rates left, right and centre, but you’ll get there a whole lot faster when you work with our dedicated caravan finance experts at Unified Loans. Our team will streamline the entire finance process by taking care of all the groundwork, product negotiation, paperwork, and application – all you have to do is start planning for your great caravan adventure! If you’re looking for the right caravan loan, Unified Loans team will have a solution for you. Our finance brokers can tailor the right caravan finance. No matter what type of caravan you’re after and wherever you are in Australia, we can look after you. Our loan experts will find the right lender to match for your needs, helping you get caravan finance rates and plans that make the most sense for your needs and budget. We’re all about finding the right caravan finance for YOU with a simple and easy process that will have you hitting the road and exploring the outdoors in no time.
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We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and match you with the most suitable caravan finance solution for your needs. We’ll make the whole experience smooth, straight forward and completely hassle-free – just the way you want! And with our extensive panel of caravan finance companies all around Australia, we can easily find the right options for caravan loans in the country.

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When it comes to caravan loans you won’t find better and more helpful specialists than our team. Our loan brokers know the ins and outs of the loans process, and they will guide you every step of the way so you can get the right caravan loan.

Wide network of lenders

The more choices you have, the more likely you can get the right deal for you. With our extensive network of lenders and caravan finance companies, it’ll be easier than ever to find the right caravan finance for you.

Hassle-free application

Skip all the hassles and headaches in finding the right lender for your caravan loan. At Unified Loans team will do all the work for you. We make the entire process smooth, easy, and hassle-free so you can focus on shopping and enjoying your new caravan.


Enjoy a real relationship with our brokers who will work tirelessly on your behalf to negotiate the best in boat financing rates, repayments, and terms. We’ll also provide you with important information and education to help you understand your loan, the repayments, the potential for finishing your loan earlier and any other constraints or limitations that may be put on you. We work for you, so our goal is your goal: to secure a low-rate boat loan that works for you today and into the future.

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Whether your heart is set on a brand-new boat or a pre-loved vessel full of character and charm, we will help you make it yours. Our boat loan specialists offer both new and used boat loans to fund any type of boat, jet ski or other marine vessel, with all finance packages backed by flexible terms and repayment options. Get a free quote today.


These are loans in which your new boat is going to be used as the security for your loan. In some cases, you can also use another form of asset as security. With a secured loan, the lender is going to keep some ownership as part of the boat financing and will keep this until the boat is paid off. If you can’t pay the loan off, the risk is that the lender can liquidate (sell) your boat, but the benefit is that you’ll often have lower boat loan rates.


These are also sometimes called personal loans, and they occur when a lender gives you a loan based on your current circumstances without any security like the boat or some other asset. This kind of loan does attract higher interest rates, but it also means that your boat is purely in your name.

We know that buying a new boat can be a daunting experience, and it is hard to know if you are getting the right deal. Call us on 07 3547 4972 


We know that buying a new car can be a daunting experience, and it is hard to know if you are getting the right deal. Our car loan specialists can alleviate the stress in purchasing a new or used vehicle. we create a completely hassle-free experience for you. Contact us on 07 3547 4972 today to find out how we can help you. You can also email us for any questions or enquiries about getting a loan rate the suits your financial situation in Australia.